Thursday, May 20, 2010

From Our Test Kitchens

We strive constantly to both create new products and improve those in need of overhauling in an earnest attempt to deliver only the highest quality chutneys and condiments. The Collective has been experimenting this month with Orange Slices in Spicy Syrup and Spiced and Pickled Red Grapes; both should be perfected in time for the 2010 holiday season. So start helping us think of all the creative ways you're going to be employing these exotic and whimsical additions to your November and December tables . . . from slow-roasted hams and turkeys to stunning cheese platters. Here at The Collective we're already loving the pickled grapes in chicken salad with plenty of mayo and fresh tarragon . . . when they're not splashing in our chicer-than-thou Martinis and Sidecars.

Now for those of you requesting a fierier chutney, your incendiary cries have been heard and implemented in our recent Spicy Tomatillo Conserves. We're still selling the original that has become one of our most popular items, and this latest version delivers all the same great flavors, only with considerable more heat courtesy of 3 varieties of fresh green chilies. The Collective will be debuting (sample and jars for sell) our hottest product this Saturday at the Greenpoint Food Market.