Monday, December 6, 2010

Kerala Pineapple Chutney

Named after the coastal state and region of India, The DP Chutney Collective's Kerala Pineapple Chutney lives up to the area's historic fame (for thousands of years!) as a major producer of the world's supply of exotic spices. Fittingly, we've loaded this one up with a gamut of complimentary seasonings, including fennel seeds, cloves, mace, black pepper, red chilies, cumin and coriander. Amongst our sweetest offerings, Kerala Pineapple Chutney has been known to be enjoyed atop vanilla ice cream and even waffles and French toast, but even the less adventurous will love the rich notes of toffee (from slow-simmered brown sugar syrup) and warm spices while slathering this chutney on toasted bran muffins, thick-cut pork chops and grilled cheese sandwiches. Thinned with a touch of vinegar and oil Kerala Pineapple Chutney makes an excellent and unexpected glaze for holiday hams and roast duck and chicken. Vegetarians, try it on glazed carrots, turnips, sweet potatoes and rutabagas, or royally crown a bowl of tropical black bean soup with a spoonful of spicy sweetness.

Note: pairs well with most dry or semi-dry white wines but is especially good alongside Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Cava, Prosecco and most sparkling wines.