Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tuckaway Downs Grand Opening Weekend

All our Southern chutney fans should head over to Tuckaway Downs this weekend for their Grand Opening extravaganza on Saturday, May 1 (7 - 9:30PM). Live entertainment and snacks (and D P Chutney collective samples and jars for sale!) are but a few of the many draws to this alluring, whimsically-inclined gift shop, nestled in a "little crooked cottage" on a Sandy Springs sidestreet. Browse their Facebook page online if you can't be there in person and definitely add TD to your list of future shopping destinations.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know: The Collective Gets Interviewed

For an in-depth, Up Close and Personal look at The DP Chutney Collective, head over to the Greenpoint Food Market website and read our featured interview in the market's popular Vendor Blender series. The Collective answers loads of FAQs and explains in detail the inspirations fueling our line of chutneys and condiments.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Upstairs, Downstairs . . . Another Masterpiece Theatre Classic

We're getting all sentimental. The DP Chutney Collective is tossing one out to all you Anglophiles hungering for a true British chutney in the classic mode. Announcing . . . Shropshire Apple Chutney. New York State apples stewed for hours with UK-imported malt vinegar, sultanas, organic onions, Fair Trade brown sugar and loads of spices add up to a Merchant-Ivory wet dream. The only thing The Collective is missing in authenticity is constant stirring by Helen Bonhem-Carter!

Straight outta Kent, this medley of flavors is sure to delight those seeking sweet and tart. Essential to all your Ploughman's Lunches and Spring picnics, store a jar away in the hamper and see the guests drool over this thick, dark and luscious creation. Serve with ham sandwiches, cheese boards, rotisserie chickens and cold meatloaf. Just to name a few of your 1000 options.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spice Up Your Next Sandwich with Chutney (of course)

A rainy and gloomy Sunday just cries out for the comfort of a hot cup of tea and afternoon snack. When faced with dreary weather, your taste buds need that extra pop of flavor, so slather a tablespoon of chutney over some toasted bread and get creative with the fillings.

Inspired by a recent creation of Sandwich Friend (ham tea sandwiches spread with The Collective's peach chutney), we created a quick bite from slices of whole-wheat sourdough, shaved turkey and sliced Gouda, topped with The Collective's new Curried Peach Chutney. We spiked this touchdown of a mini-meal with our own Southern-Style Hot and Spicy Pickled Okra (appearing soon in local markets and stores). Be sure to include a side of extra chutney for predicted compulsive dipping.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Brooklyn Lyceum Spring Food & Craft Market

Stop by and say Hi to The D P Chutney Collective Sunday May 2, 2010 at the sure-to-be superb Lyceum Spring Food & Craft Market. For one day only we'll be slinging chutney jars (and plenty of samples) from 11AM - 7PM in the 4000 sq. ft renovated public baths building. Why not come early and grab chutney to accompany your bread and cheese picnic in nearby Prospect Park? Plus, rumor has it The Collective may be introducing our newest baby to the adoring crowds . . . southern style Spicy Pickled Okra.

We'll be around on Saturday as well, not selling chutneys but helping out our friends at Cheshire Canning, so plan on visiting both days. Vendor selection will change a bit and admission is free!

Brooklyn Lyceum is located at:
227 4th Avenue in Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY 11215
between Union and President Streets.
R train to Union Street - right atop the station!
15 minutes from Manhattan.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Love & Marriage: A Chutney and Cheese Primer

Chutneys are a graceful yet bold addition to all cheese plates and platters, and at the moment we're about pairing bleu cheeses such as Roquefort, Maytag Blue or Gorgonzola with The Collective's Blueberry Chutney (above photo). The sweet and earthy notes of stewed blueberries, onions and spices marry perfectly with the salty, astringent bite of moldy cheeses. Truly for us, a union made in heaven. If serving after a main course may we suggest a glass of port or good quality Madeira wine to accompany this most sophisticated dessert?

Below are a few further suggestions for cheese and D P Collective chutney combos:

Blueberry Chutney

Roquefort, Gorgonzola, Maytag Blue, Brie, Camembert, St. Andre, Taleggio

Spice Route Citrus Chutney

Aged Provolone, aged and dry Gouda, Parmesan Reggiano, Romano, Asiago

Pear Cardamom Chutney

All bleu cheeses, sharp Cheddar
, Gruyere

Apricot and Red Pepper Chutney

Sharp and aged Cheddars, dry Gouda, dry Provolone, triple cream cheeses like Brie or St. Andre

Date From Hell Chutney

Any sharp or strong-flavored cheese
, Manchego

Sweet Tomato Chutney with Black Mustard Seeds
Irish Farmhouse Cheddar grilled cheese sandwiches, Gouda

Tomatillo Conserves
Ricotta Salata, quesos Mexicanos such as Anejo, Cotija

Salty, Crunky, Swaggerific New Labels

Weightlifting Fanatic. (Vitamin) Pillhead. Connoisseur of Italian Sword & Sandals cinema. Graphic/web designer Octavio Fenech may be known for all these distinctions but his true raison d'etre is the eyepopping visuals he produces on a daily basis. Go to his website SurfaceImage to see lots of examples from his (mostly older) internet and multimedia portfolio, and right now swoon over the spankin' new jar labels Octavio pimped out for The Collective . . . soon to grace a pantry or fridge near you.

Join Jamie's Revolution

Caring about people begins with caring about what they put in their mouths. At The D P Chutney Collective we passionately believe in wholesome, natural food and its overwhelming importance in creating healthy and happy lives. You do too as a fan of The Collective's all-natural condiments crafted from the freshest produce (from local, sustainable farms whenever possible).

We're supporting, through volunteer work and grassroots campaigning, Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution USA, the chef's personal mission to bring real, honest and better food into every school and home in America. Lend your voice and signature to this essential cause by learning more at the website.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Current Product List

The Collective has a slew of upcoming festivals and food fairs dotting our calendar through Summer 2010, but all products can be ordered by simply contacting us through the link in the left column of this page. A few jars are available on our Etsy site as well. So without further ado, The D P Chutney Collective's Spring 2010 collection:

Sweet Tomato Chutney with Black Mustard Seeds
Tomatillo Conserves
Plum Ketchup
Middle Eastern Zucchini Relish with Sumac
Spice Route Citrus Chutney
Blueberry Chutney
Pear Cardamom Chutney
Apricot and Red Pepper Chutney
Gingered Raisin Chutney
Date From Hell Chutney
Spiced Pickled Cantaloupe
Hot Peach Chutney

Monday, April 12, 2010

More Fun at the Greenpoint Food Market

Sunny skies and warm weather brought seasonal revelers out in droves to last week's Greenpoint Food Market, breaking attendance records and sampling the best handmade gourmet provisions Brooklyn has to offer. At The Collective we love more than anything the chance to meet and greet new friends. We especially love getting feedback on our products and learning how you use them at home! Our three new items were a huge hit and sold out. Thanks for trying - and loving - Plum Ketchup, Spice Route Citrus Chutney and Middle Eastern Zucchini Relish.

Two other highlights for The Collective included the GFM debut of our compadres at Cheshire Canning (check out their multi-purpose Honey Heat sauce and just try to find a way not to use it) and the employment of our Spiced Peach Chutney on fellow vendor Sandwich Friend's sublime tea sandwiches.