Thursday, October 27, 2011

Only 3 Spots Left in Our Indian Condiments Class

Two Thursdays, November 3 + 10, 6:30-8pm
During this two-part class we'll delve taste buds first into the wide world of Indian condiments. These sauces and side dishes are considered indispensable at the Subcontinental dinner table - and will soon be on your own as well!
Part 1 will concentrate on achars (Indian fermented pickles) and the "Big Three" of all curry houses - fiery onion relish, tamarind chutney and fresh mint chutney.
The second night we'll learn all about yogurt condiments including various raitas, pachadis and even cooked yogurt sauces, as well as Indian hot sauces and "dry" chutneys (ground roasted nuts and spices).
Over both evenings menu suggestions, recipe adaptations and methods of incorporating these exotic sides into Western meals will be addressed.