Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mostarda di Cripplebush

Excuse us for having too much fun with the posting title. At The DP Chutney Collective we're not only food fanatics but also history nerds, and the unfortunately monikered Cripplebush happens to be the original Dutch name of Williamsburg, Brooklyn circa mid-17th century. Who knew? Verbal gymnastic fun and puns aside, our newest products are based on the classic sweet and piquant Italian condiment best known as Mostarda di Cremona (the town from which it hails), or lightly brined fruits preserved in a mustard-flavored syrup. Variations abound across Italy and The Collective's interpretations actually resemble more the jammier concoctions of mostarda di Veneto. When we're really lazy we skip the wordy explanation and just call it Italian Chutney!

Our Mostarda di Frutteto ("orchard" to the rest of us) begins with apples, onions and selected dried fruits being soaked briefly in dry white wine.A hand-crafted DP Chutney top-secret mustard syrup of sugar, vinegar, mustard seeds and powder and the highest quality Dijon mustard is then simmered with the macerated fruits, seasoned with appropriate spices and carefully canned in The Collective kitchens.

Traditionally mostarda accompanies cheese platters, charcuterie spreads, pates and terrines of all sorts and most classically bollito misto, the Northern Italian "boiled dinner" feast of seven meats and seven veggies. We also think a tablespoon makes a terrific sandwich spread and our vegetarian friends love it atop soy dogs and meatless burgers!

Debuting very shortly is also The Collective's Hot Pear Mostarda. Please note our  mostardas should be refrigerated after opening but are best served at or just below room temperature.