Thursday, June 17, 2010

From The Highlands of Scotland

. . . comes The Collective's youngest creation, Juniper Berry Chutney. Drawing inspiration from an age-old Scots recipe, this chutney bears all the hallmarks of that country's mountainous (wild herb berry) locale and love of wild game. Essential to venison, pheasant, duck and all dark meat (btw, we love you gourmands who, like us, always choose dark over white when questioned at the carving board), Juniper Berry Chutney is a slow-cooked medley of ripe tomatoes, sweet onions, tart green apples and the namesake spice, famous worldwide for its primacy in flavoring gin. That's right, Martini slurpers and Bombay Sapphire sychophants, you've met your match in this floral-noted chutney.

More timid but still lovable palates will want to scoop this luscious goodness atop roasted chicken and nestled next to grilled sausages. Our vegetarian fan base will no doubt covet a jar alongside cheese omelets and stewed black beans, while fish lovers will thrill to its compatibility with virtually all finned creatures.