Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Revolution Will Not Be Microwaved

When confronted with arcane and convuluted rules and regulations (cue the Rufus Wainwright track of the same name) JoAnn Kim, the determined mastermind behind Brooklyn's wildly successful Greenpoint Food Market, rallied the food revolutionaries and threw a huge potluck and Think Tank event to explore ways and means to continue NYC's ONLY "incubator" food fair for budding entrepreneurs and proactive gourmet cooks (home and otherwise).

Spurred by a controversial, recent featured article in the New York Times, and in attendance, were bigwigs from the NYC Dept. of Health, our charming City Councilman, local business owners and more, all sitting on stage in a round table discussion later opened to the hundreds of attendees eager with questions and comments. Topics discussed included the Byzantine maze of licenses required to sell food in NYC, the economic incentive to NYC of affordable commercial kitchens and lots of pep talks for those Foodies With A Dream determined enough to navigate these choppy legal waters.

Naturally enough, a staggering array of riches groaned on multiple buffet tables, further proof of the Greenpoint community's generosity and support of micro-businesses aimed at fostering growth in the borough. Brooklyn continues to show mad love for local biz!