Monday, July 19, 2010

With a Little help From Our Farm Friends

Fulfilling a Mission Statement major tenet of sourcing locally and personally, The DP Chutney Collective is thrilled to receive the freshest custom-order deliveries from Goshen, New York's prolific J. Glebocki Farms. Props to their Market Manager Matt Lewis for hooking us up weekly with the best and freshest from their upstate fields! Arriving yesterday at The Collective were bushels of sweet yellow corn and perfectly tart green tomatoes. Our latest creations are described/explained below. One Word of Advice: snag these jars whenever and wherever you may find them; all are seasonal items only and won't last long on store shelves.

Green Tomato Ketchup

The Collective has waxed (poetically, we think) enough here about the Far East origins of ketchup and its transformation in 18th and 19-century America and Britain from a fruit, nut and mushroom-based condiment to the ubiquitous Heinz tomato variety of the last 100 years. Our spanking new Green Tomato Ketchup has a pedigree traced back to the colonial-era Pennsylvania Dutch and those farmers’ need to utilize the last crop of green tomatoes prior to Autumn’s first frost.

The tartness of firm and tangy green tomatoes is tamed by the sweetness of both NYS apples and yellow onions, and given a kick via a transfusion of fresh green chilies and warm spices (including cloves, cinnamon and mace). The Collective stews the fruits and veggies for several hours resulting in another velvety ketchup useful any time you get bored with the red variety. Of course Green Tomato Ketchup is hardly as limited in usage as a bottle of Heinz so serve as a condiment to most anything . . . crab cakes, chili or mac and cheese. And just savor in tasty amazement the wonders this ketchup does for plain meatloaf and Summer’s inevitable BLTs.

Note: the really unusual element here is chlorophyll powder. While totally tasteless the concentrate is added to naturally preserve and enhance the tomatoes verdant splendor.

Green Tomato and Horseradish Chutney

Who knew what a happy marriage could be made between farm-fresh green tomatoes, sugary Vidalia onions, assorted bell peppers and freshly grated horseradish? Well, The DP Chutney Collective obviously! Preserving guru Jeanne Lesem adapted a similar condiment recipe from a turn-of-the-century Canadian cookbook and The Collective tweaked it further to our own tastes. And yours.

Mix a teaspoon in to your next Bloody Mary. Nestle a mound beside fluffy scrambled eggs. Reward a slice of cheese toast with Green Tomato and Horseradish Chutney’s rich piquancy. The Collective is mixing with equal parts mayonnaise (for shrimp cocktail and remoulade sauces) and dipping (almost) everything in it. Truly a taste of the Summer season and indispensable to potato pancakes, braised pork belly, grilled lamb chops . . . shall we go on?

Punjab Corn Relish

Equal parts the brightly colored dinnertime relish we remember from our Southern childhood and bold, new venture into Eastern exotica, our Punjab Corn Relish combines the familiar (fresh corn scraped from the cobs, peppers, onions, vinegar and brown sugar) with the less ordinary (mined green cayenne peppers, toasted cumin seeds and fennel). At home and playing nicely with a typical meat and potatoes meal or brightening Indian takeout fare, The Collective is betting this relish will be a hit from Des Moines to Delhi.