Thursday, July 1, 2010

DP Chutney Collective Sighs With Relief at Respite for NYC Libraries

From the official NYPL website/email newsletter came the resoundingly happy message in The DP Chutney Collective's Inbox (copied as below). Thanks to all who rallied and shouted support for our hometown of New York City's vital library system!! Seems The Collective's (stage frightened) reading during the nation's largest library protest may have helped in some small way. But the true gratitude is for our Brooklyn neighbors who proved that even during a national economic disaster your hearts (and shrinking wallets) remain in the right place.

"You spoke out loud and clear against a crippling $37 million proposed City budget cut -- and your voices were heard by Mayor Bloomberg and the City Council, who restored enough service to keep libraries open at least five days a week.

We'd like to thank the Mayor, the City Council, and the 130,000 New Yorkers and others who wrote letters, donated, and demonstrated their belief that libraries are not luxuries."