Friday, July 16, 2010

The Return of Fiery Carrot Chutney

Plucked from the fertile fields of Orange County, NY Friday afternoon and grated, spiced and bottled fresh Saturday morning by the hardworking Collective, these sweet and tender carrots received the Royal Treatment fit for any Raj. Perhaps more of a hyper-flavorful slaw than a traditional Western chutney, our Fiery Carrot Chutney with Nigella Seeds works equally well with traditional South Indian standards such as dosai and uttapams AND more commonplace burgers, hotdogs and tossed salads.

Our friend Jennifer drops the carrot chutney in turkey and avocado wraps or serves a tablespoon alongside dinner plates of fried chicken and buttermilk biscuits. Our upstairs neighbor taught us the joys of replacing red cabbage with carrot chutney on fish tacos and one creative customer shared her "secret" of dotting deviled eggs with the spicy stuff.

As with many of our products, a Little Goes a Long Way so we're certain you'll find countless uses for our Fiery Carrot Chutney and beseech you to share your innovations.

(Above photo courtesy of Eating in Translation. Thanks, guys!)