Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Autumn's Perfect Fruit, Meet Winter's Beloved Spice

Maybe it's the spice association with festive Indian cuisine, or its omnipresence in Scandinavian  Yuletide sweets, whatever the reason cardamom just tastes like the Holidays to us here at The DP Chutney Collective. Now marry that seasonal flavor with autumn and winter's favorite fruit, the Pear, and you get our personal pick for Christmas and Chanukah, Pear Cardamom Chutney.

Slow simmered pears, brown sugar and cider vinegar are caught under the mistletoe with both white and green cardamom pods, fresh ginger and sweet and savory Upstate NY onions, and soon after packed and sealed in  jars and destined for pantries and fridges. Slather a latke for us, decorate a grilled cheese or crown a country ham in our name, but by all means sample our most fragrant and luscious winter's treat.