Tuesday, November 9, 2010

We Can't Wait for Thanksgiving

It's a shop-worn cliche to talk of the leftovers being the best thing about Thanksgiving, but still foodies relish the thrill of using up all that excess poultry The Day(s) After. This year make turkey salad with plenty of mayo and chopped onions and a tablespoon or three of The Collective's Cranberry and Green Chili Chutney, an excellent solution for that pesky white meat. We guarantee you won't be bored on Friday if you whip up a batch and spread it thick on slices of good sourdough bread. And we're not opposed to decking out said sandwiches with extra stuffing either - hey, the holiday weekend is meant for naps and midnight snacks.

And THEN . . . click here for a straightforward lesson on re-purposing that bird carcass.